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JKM Consultancy is operating in and from The Netherlands and led by Jan Kees Mons. Its main mission is to provide integrated sustainable and balanced solutions and services to sports and business environments working closely together with the client. Jan Kees Mons can provide both services on a free-lance base as well as on a project base.

The main areas of expertise can be found in the following fields:


Company analysis

JKMConsultancy can provide in-depth analysis of your business model, the markets in which you are operating, the competitive environment, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for your organization as well as the anticipated financial requirements for future growth.


Strategic analysis

JKMConsultancy offers advice as far as your company‚Äôs strategy is concerned. In case a change of strategy is envisaged, JKMconsultancy is able to provide analysis in order to generate strategic options aimed towards increasing the top-line (portfolio analysis, client effectiveness, market choices etc) as well as the bottom-line by reducing costs. 


Business valuation and investment management

JKMconsultancy can provide a detailed analysis of the value of your company, using a variety of different valuation tools and benchmarks 


Financial management and business consulting

JKMConsultancy provides temporary financial management services on a free-lance basis.  Additionally it performs projects on an ad-hoc basis in investment management and financial processes.

JKM Consultancy